About Us

DJ Services In & Around Our Nation’s Capital, Maryland & Northern Virginia


Claddagh Productions has been in business for more years that I care to calculate and has entertained around the world. We have a proven track record that leads from Ireland to the National Capitol Region. Our commitment to our clients is our hallmark…

Get to Know Me

I am CJ Kiggins, the owner and founder of Claddagh Productions Entertainment Services. The company, grown from a small “twin-deck sound” in the late eighties, has followed me around the world, through twenty years of service to the United States Air Force, and on now into my “retirement”.  I am a trained and tested organizer and manager.  I intimately recognize the positive impact that music can have in all of our lives and strive to bring that to your event.

Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our primary concern. We ensure success for your event through advance coordination with you and your other vendors. We provide you with full access to online planning and music selections as well as a trained, experienced and professional coordinator before and during your event.

All of our music is family friendly, i.e. radio edited, and we are always aware of sensibilities. If I wouldn’t let my kids hear a specific song, I am not going to expose yours to it. We always provide backup equipment and backup staff through our insurance company for each individual event just in the case of an absolute emergency, and we carry a significant amount of liability insurance for your protection.