What you will find here is truth in advertising.

We price our events based on several factors, and present you with an all-inclusive price that reflects the considerable amount of professional involvement, preparation and care that your event receives. Once we reach a definition of service and a price agreement, there are no hidden charges or added fees.

Pricing factors include:

  • Time and Date of the event
  • Duration
  • Location
  • Services needed (see Packages page)
  • Desired add ons (see Packages page)
  • Location Specific Issues that will result in extra load-in or load-out time

Contact us for a quote on YOUR event.

Why do you not post prices on your website?

Imagine this: You call Bill the plumber and tell him that your toilets are clogged. Is he going to quote you a fee before looking at your toilets? NO! He is going to tell you that it’s going to cost you $75 to have him come look at your plumbing, and THEN he is going to tell you how much he is going to charge you to fix your problem. Why is it OK for Bill the plumber to need more information on the job before quoting a price? Because Bill never knows what he is going to run across while he is working on your pipes and wants to quote you an accurate figure. If Bill quotes low without seeing the problem, he is either going to a) lose money or b) work to his quote and quit, leaving you with an incomplete job. Neither is desirable.

Your event is not unlike the problem above, albeit less stinky.

Everyone wants their event to run smoothly. However, without knowing what is involved in the event, a DJ cannot tell what resources they are going to have to commit to your event. In fact, if a DJ offers you a quick price without knowing what you need….RUN. More resources = more costs. Just like Bill, I will not quote a price until I understand needs. A quick conversation is all we will need to determine a quote. It will be time well spent.

Normally, I prefer to have that conversation in person so that you can get an idea of who I am and we can mutually agree that price should be the last thing we worry about. I want you to be confident that I am the DJ you want at your event. Fact being, I might not be the DJ for your event, and I would prefer to refer you rather than take on an event I cannot MASTER. There is no “just do” in my world. You hire me to take care of the most important events in your LIFE……

Is this important to you? If it is, call me and let’s discuss everything you need for your event, and then I will give you a price.